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Which Jacket to Choose


Have you decided it’s time to get your first leather jacket? Or are you adding another one to your collection, and you’re having trouble deciding on which style to get?

Probably you were a huge fan of leather jackets. Your grandfather or father both rode motorcycles, doing horse ridding or often attending culture gatherings, which meant leather jackets were everyday wear for them, and then you quickly followed suit with the confusion what is the best leather jackets that suits you?

High-quality high end leather jacket brands names produce expensive leather jackets, but considering how long they will last, it’s worth the money. You just need to make sure you choose styles of leather jackets that works well for you. That’s why we put together this list of the most popular types of leather jackets so you can find your match in long lasting leather and at affordable price.


BUYaucNOW will Help You

Who makes the best leather jackets? What are top leather jacket brands? What are the different styles of leather jackets? These questions and more will be answered in this guide!


When choosing good leather jackets, there are a number of different factors that should be considered. While many of the leather jackets that you see in a store might seem very similar, they are often worlds apart regarding quality and workmanship. However, if you do not know what to look for, your choices can seem like a sea of near-identical fish. Here are some things to look for when trying to sort the bad from the good.

The Zipper:

A zipper seems like a fairly unimportant part of the jacket since it doesn't really draw the eye or add anything distinctive to the overall appearance. However, this is what makes the zipper a good barometer of quality. When a manufacturer is trying to cut their manufacturing costs, the little things are always the first to go. This is why cheap jackets tend to have inferior zippers.

Most leather jackets will be made with one of two kinds of zippers. They will normally be either YKK or RiRi zippers. While some people will claim otherwise, it doesn't really matter if the manufacturer chooses one or the other. Some will try to tell you that one is better than the other, but in the end, these are just stylistic differences that have nothing to do with quality. Disregard this factor.

What you want to look at is the sturdiness and reliability of the zipper. Put it on and work the zipper up and down a few times. Does it move smoothly? Does it bind or jam up? How much effort does it take to zip or unzip the jacket? These are all questions that you must ask yourself.


Considering Skin:

lambskin is a relatively cheap alternative for those who want to find the softest leather jacket. In spite of its great suppleness, it is as tough as you could ever want. Lambskin is generally much more vulnerable to water damage and staining.

Other leather types such as cow tend to be a bit expensive, but produce almost the same features as lamb skin.


Corrected Vs. Uncorrected Leathers:

Now we come to questions of manufacture. The first thing you need to know is the difference between corrected and uncorrected leathers. Uncorrected leathers are made from a single piece of skin and are left with all their natural inclusions and flaws intact. The skin of an animal will never be flawless, mostly because animals will run around and scratch the skin throughout their life. #buyaucnow

Corrected leathers are the leathers that almost look fake. They are smooth and even on the surface, and will have a texture that is similar to plastic. While these leathers are not necessarily bad or useless, they do not look as nice as the real thing. You should especially look out for bonded leather, which is aggregated together from various scraps like plywood.




  • We understand your personal style. Is looking polished at the top of your to-do list, or are you more concerned with evoking supreme masculinity? Do you want to be ready to hop on a motorcycle, drive off into the night at the drop of a hat (or at least look the part)? or catch the wind on a horse ride Thinking of the rest of your wardrobe can aid in finding the perfect jacket to complement your attire and will allow you to purchase a coat that is perfect for everyday use. You can trust on BUYaucNOW as your 1st choice


  • A basic idea of your price point. Purchasing a leather jacket is a serious investment, but due to the longevity of the material and the quintessential style, you're not going to have to replace it anytime soon. Still, with prices that commonly range between $70-$300 and beyond, you're going to want to choose the style that's right for you and your pocketbook. Don't stress out, because there are choices at nearly every level, so you're sure to find what works best for you @ BUYaucNOW

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